Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Social - Royal Family

Royal Family Promotions is holding a Nov 5th Black Out Party in Washington D.C.  Here is the first Android application for Royal Family!

Check It Out!

Game - Boss Bash

Hate your boss and need to let out some pent up frustration? Let Boss Bash take care of that for you! Simply see how many times you can tap the moving picture before time runs out! Easily melts away those work day blues.

Utility - Hidden Text

Looking for an SMS app that hides what you are typing so prying eyes cannot see what you are saying? Look no further! Hidden Text allows you to type your hidden text and send it off to whom ever you wish. Has the option to view your text so you know you've typed what you wanted correctly before sending. Hidden Text also leaves no text traces in your outgoing text log, stores no data and leaves no application log.

Check it out here!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

App - SMS Auto Responder

 Ever been driving and unable to answer your text messages?  I know I have many times, especially while riding my motorcycle.  Its very difficult to drive a bike and text at the same time, not to mention how dangerous it is!  Currently under development with a release date to the Android Market on Friday May 13th, is an application that will automatically respond to incoming text message with either a predetermined text or whatever you like. Sleeping? Eating? Driving? Or just want to be left alone? Let the auto responder do the dirty work for you.

Two proposed applications with different levels of options.

 A free version that will have a list of 5 predetermined texts to select from and one that the user can edit. Outgoing messages will automatically be perpended with "(Auto Response)" so the person receiving the response will know you didn't send the text yourself. Also the application will have the option to have the notification sound turned off while the auto response is active. The free version will be supported by a small Ad bar at the bottom.

The paid version which will sell for ~$1.99, to be released Monday May 16th, will have all the same options as the free version with the following additions.  All 5 predetermined texts will be able to be edited by the user to say anything they want. Also an option will be available for people to text you "Where are you?" and receive and approx GPS location with a link to Google Maps showing the relative location and distance to where you are at. This feature will be disabled by default to protect personal privacy.  Also the paid version will not have the Ad bar at the bottom, giving users a clutter free app to use as they wish.

Future updates for the paid version will include the ability for the application to recognize when in movement above 5 MPH and auto respond without having to continually turn it on and off.

Leave a comment of what you think!  Always listening to ideas and what people would like to see in an app.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Ideas Ideas Ideas

Have an Android device? Looking for that special app but cant find it on the market?  Leave a comment of what device you have and what you would like to see.  I'm taking all kinds of ideas for development!